TMC Corporate Governance

At TMC Compressors, we pride ourselves on being a responsible supplier of maritime compressor systems. Our commitment to transparency and responsibility permeates every aspect of our operations, from the initial design to the final delivery and beyond.

Here, you will find a collection of our guiding documents, including our Code of Conduct, Transparency Act compliance, and Supplier Requirements. These documents reflect our dedication to ethical business practices, environmental stewardship, and the promotion of fair
and sustainable supply chains.

By prioritizing transparency and responsibility, we aim to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners. This is how we at
TMC Compressors is leading the way in responsible maritime solutions and setting the standard for the industry.

Code of Conduct

TMC Compressors' Code of Conduct outlines the fundamental principles guiding our operations, emphasizing compliance with international and national laws as minimum standards. It commits to responsible practices in relations with employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders, aiming for a sustainable society. The code is based on international principles including the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Global Compact, reflecting our dedication to ethical business practices, human rights, and environmental responsibility. Read more. 


Transparancy Act

TMC Compressors adheres to the Transparency Act, emphasizing transparency and responsibility in human rights and working conditions throughout our value chain. This commitment involves continuous due diligence to identify, prevent, or mitigate negative impacts in operations and supply chains, in line with the UN Declaration of Human Rights and ILO conventions. TMC's ethical guidelines and due diligence practices reflect our dedication to upholding fundamental human rights and fostering decent working conditions, demonstrating our role as a responsible business entity. Read more. 

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Supplier Requirements

TMC Compressors sets high standards for our suppliers, emphasizing the importance of ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certifications. We are committed to continuous improvement in quality, environmental stewardship, and occupational safety, expecting the same dedication from our key suppliers to ensure a sustainable and responsible supply chain. Read more. 

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TMC is certified according to the quality standard ISO 9001, the environmental standard ISO 14001 and HSE standard ISO 45001.


We place high demands on ourselves and work continuously to improve our internal processes, our work within health, environment and safety and our adverse effect on the external environment. 

Occupational safety and health

We require that our key suppliers are equally dedicated in these issues.



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