TMC Technical Support

Experienced Expertise for Your Compressors 


Compressor installations on board ships and offshore installations have increased in size and complexity. The TMC technical support service is here to assist with any compressor system issue. We’re easy to reach and can assist with securing a safe operation, delivery of the correct air quality and avoiding costly downtime. 

Resolving All Operational Issues

Our technical support team comprises highly skilled and experienced engineers who have been working with compressor systems in the marine and offshore industry for decades. The team has instant access to all our engineering resources, data sources, and trouble-shooting methods. Our aim is to find quick and optimal solutions to whatever challenges you may encounter with your compressors.

Our support team can offer advice on all operational issues, such as: 

  • System controls
  • Air quality
  • Energy saving solutions
  • Troubleshooting 

We’ll also help you handle warranty cases including – if needed – activating our Global service and support network.  

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Local Presence in Key Territories

Our technical support is organised from our headquarter in Norway. This is your first point of contact. In addition, we offer support and on-site technical service from our offices in Korea, China and Singapore.

If your operations span different continents, you can rely on our strong presence across time zones. We also provide an emergency service, available 24/7/365 days.

You can always reach our service team on our emergency phone +47 992 17 020 or by mail