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“Why can’t you be more like TMC?”

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Michael C. Donovan and Tony Beaubouef of Delta Marine Technik have been TMC Compressors’ exclusive representatives in USA and Canada since 2016. Now the team is gearing up for OTC 2022 in Houston.

“A US-based buyer once told us that he sometimes asks his other suppliers, ‘why can’t you be more like TMC’? That is probably the best compliment anyone could ever pay us and reflects their appreciation for TMC’s responsiveness and expertise,” smiles Michael C. Donovan, president of Delta Marine Technik.

In your view, what differentiates TMC’s compressors from the competition?

“We feel that TMC is defined and distinguished by its customer-centric culture. Everyone in the company is focused on doing a good job for the customer; and confident and supportive management ensures that all personnel are empowered to act decisively in that regard,” adds Donovan.

Delta Marine Technik’s role as sales agents means that they are responsible for promoting the sale of TMC’s compressed air systems as well as aftersales and spare parts. They maintain relationships with customers, designers, builders and other stakeholders while also striving to understand and communicate market conditions and trends back to TMC.

“We also conduct sales calls, customer visits, trade show and training activities both with TMC staff and independently,” adds Donovan.

TMC Compressors is headquartered in Oslo and is the world’s leading supplier of compressed air systems for marine and offshore use.

According to Donovan, TMC’s compressed air systems are viewed favorably across the various market segments in North America.

“Owners have a positive view of the products over the complete vessel life cycle and the good support that accompanies each unit. Yards appreciate the responsive project management and thorough technical documentation as well as the ease of installation and commissioning.

“TMC’s overall capability is what makes the company so relevant to the North American market. It is the technical expertise combined with dedicated support and excellent quality that give us our strength. We are very proud to be part of the TMC team,” concludes Donovan.

TMC’s team, including US representatives Michael C. Donovan and Tony Beaubouef, will be present at OTC Houston from 2 – 5 May 2022. The TMC team can be found at booth #3728.

You can read more about OTC and book a 1-1 meeting with TMC here.