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Hyundai Samho chooses ALS compressors for liquified natural gas vessels

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30 March 2023 – Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries (HSHI) has chosen Norwegian supplier TMC Compressors to deliver the marine air lubrication system (ALS) compressors for two newbuild LNG vessels

The Korean shipbuilder is constructing the two 174K LNG vessels for Eastern Pacific Shipping.

TMC will supply its frequency-controlled marine compressors for use in combination with the vessels’ air lubrication system. TMC will manufacture the ALS compressors in Europe and ship them to Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries in Korea. TMC has not disclosed the value of the contract.

“The demand for air lubrication systems has increased dramatically in recent years. We were an early mover with our dedicated marine ALS compressors, and this has enabled us to become the favoured supplier for many of the big shipyards such as HSHI,” says Jens Erik Tøstad, international sales manager at TMC.

ALS – or air lubrication system – is a method used to reduce the resistance between the ship’s hull and seawater by using air bubbles. The air bubble distribution across the hull surface reduces the frictional resistance working on the ship’s hull, creating desired energy-saving effects.

Offer fuel savings

TMC’s frequency-controlled ALS compressors also offer fuel savings compared to conventional compressors. As the frequency-controlled technology offers precise control of the compressor speed, the speed of the electrical motor will adjust itself according to what is required to produce the exact air volume necessary to meet the actual compressed air consumption at all times.

According to media reports, delivery of the two LNG vessels will take place during 2025.

TMC offers compressors for ALS applications that ranges from 50 kW to 400 kW capacity. The company is headquartered in Oslo and is the world’s leading supplier of compressed air systems for marine and offshore use.