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CIMC Raffles picks TMC for Havfram Wind’s WTIVs

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16 January 2024 – CIMC Raffles has chosen TMC Compressors to supply a complete marine compressed air system to the two Wind Turbine Installation Vessels (WTIVs) Havfram Wind has ordered from the Chinese shipbuilder.

Havfram Wind is an offshore wind company focused on transport and installation services for both bottom fixed and floating projects in the offshore wind sector. The company has placed orders for two GustoMSC NG20000X jack-up vessel from CIMC Raffles.

Complete marine air system

TMC’s scope of supply is to deliver a complete marine compressed air system – including compressors for control and service air, air dryers, and compressed air to help lubricate the legs of the jack-up system – for both vessels.

Both of the two NG20000X vessels have the capability of installing offshore wind turbines with a rotor diameter of more than 300 meters, as well as XXL monopiles weighing up to 3,000 tons at water depths of up to 70 meters. Capacities have been optimized for high variable deck load and the extreme lift heights expected over the next decade. The crane has a lifting capacity of 3,250 tons.

“Havfram Wind’s Wind Turbine Installation Vessels are spectacular units that through latest battery hybrid train technology will be capable of significantly reducing carbon emissions per installed megawatts of offshore wind capacity. At TMC, we have for decades taken great pride in providing highly energy-efficient compressed air systems. To be chosen as supplier to these two large and ultra-modern vessels is a feather in the cap for everyone at TMC,” says Hans Petter Tanum, TMC’s director of sales and business development.

Oslo-headquartered TMC will manufacture and assemble the equipment in Europe and deliver it to CIMC Raffles in China. TMC has not disclosed the value of the contract.

TMC’s marine compressed air system is designed specifically for offshore and marine use. The compressors have been developed to allow the vessel crew to conduct equipment maintenance themselves. They are renowned for operational reliability and low energy consumption.

Havfram NG20000X-HF Jack-Up WTIV