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TMC compressors for wind turbine installation vessel

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Illustration: Seaway7

28 October 2021 – TMC Compressors (TMC) has been chosen to supply the marine compressed air system to a wind turbine installation vessel that China Merchants Heavy Industry is building for Seaway7.

The compressor system delivery is for the VIND 1 wind turbine installation vessel that Seaway7 (formerly Offshore Heavy Transport) has ordered from China Merchants Heavy Industry.

TMC will supply a complete marine compressed air system that consists of working air screw compressors, instrument air compressors and air dryers. TMC has not disclosed the value of the project delivery.

“Energy efficiency on-board technologies have always been a smart way of reducing both operating costs and emissions to air. As the offshore wind industry is inherently greener than many other offshore energy sectors, we find that yards and shipowners place even greater importance on securing the most energy efficient products for vessels operating in the renewables industry. This benefits us as a company through projects such as this one,” says Hans Petter Tanum, TMC’s director of sales and business development.

Seaway7’s wind turbine installation ships will use the GustoMSC NG-14000XL-G design, designed specifically for the installation of future next-generation offshore wind turbines and XL single piles, which will significantly reduce the environmental footprint.

The new ship will be equipped with a telescopic crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 2,500 tonnes and a maximum lifting height of 165 meters. The jack-up installation ship can work in a maximum depth of 65 meters. She will use a battery hybrid solution, as well as a sophisticated electrical and control system that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent compared to similar ships.

“Our marine compressed air systems are designed so that the vessel crew can maintain the compressors themselves. This also helps to keep the operating CO2 footprint as small as possible,” says Hans Petter Tanum.

TMC is a global supplier of compressed air systems for marine and offshore use. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.