Cutting-edge Air Compression for Offshore Use

TMC is the leading supplier of compressed air systems on
board drilling vessels, production vessels and platforms.

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Our experience and reputation have made us a preferred supplier to the offshore market. Whatever your air demands, we’ve got you covered.

Unparalleled reliability and safety

Our compressed air systems and solutions excel even in the most demanding operational circumstances.

Top-notch performance

Delivering specified air quality combined with state-of-the-art condition monitoring is the key to a cost-efficient, safe and reliable operation of all compressed air users onboard.

Fully certified and compliant

All our systems are fully certified before delivery to ensure full compliance with class societies and regulatory requirements.

The Complete Package

In addition to delivering a range of purpose-designed compressors, our system comprises:

  • Air dryers
  • Air filter systems 
  • Condition monitoring 
  • Data logging capability 
  • Real-time data surveillance and analysis 

TMC also offers first-class engineering support. In close cooperation with our clients, we create the most reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions – always fulfilling the client’s air demands.

Cutting-edge Air Compression for Offshore Use

Always at Your Service

We are your lifetime partner. When your vessel or platform is in service, you benefit from our unique and second-to-none spare part support and service system. 

Our documentation department will serve your documentation requirements and we are highly experienced in issuance of documentation on time and according to the most stringent oil & gas standards. 

TMC equipment is built for the lifetime of your offshore assets.



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