TMC Marine Compressors: Built for Ship’s Duty 

Dependable, efficient service under extreme conditions.


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With decades of experience in the marine market, and tens of thousands of compressors in operation on the oceans of the world, TMC is your no. 1 partner for trouble-free operations.

Oil-free Discharge Air

We combine proven designs and manufacturing methods with renown TMC technology such as 3-stage oil separation, in-to-out filtering to eliminate risk of oil carryover and reducing any oil content in the discharge air.

No condensation

TMC’s unique, patented temperature control ensures no condensation in the compressor oil lubrication system.


Your Lifetime Partner

TMC is your lifetime partner. When your vessel is in service, you benefit from our second-to-none spare part support and service system. You’ll also have access to service videos and customized spare part kits.

Looking for complete compressed air systems? By combining the TMC Marine compressors with TMC air aftertreatment products, we’ll cover the needs of all air-operated applications onboard, such as:

  • Service air
  • Control air 
  • Instrument air
  • N2 feed air – nitrogen generation
  • Air Lubrication Systems
  • Air to SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems
  • Dry bulk handling
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Certified? Certainly. 

TMC is certified according to the quality standard ISO 9001, the environmental standard ISO 14001 and HSE standard ISO 45001. 

TMC marine products are certified by all of the marine classification societies. They’re also widely recognized for their reliability, ease of operation and service, and the fact that the equipment is made to last the lifetime of the vessel. 


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