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White paper | Why you should look into a holistic system approach for your compressors - the TMC System Solution®



TMC - system solutions

A traditional compressor design approach very often becomes secondary compared with a system design philosophy.

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Compressed air solutions on board a medium-sized LNG Carrier typically consist of 2-3 piston-type compressors for starting air and 7-8 screw compressors for different consumers – all of them individually specified towards the different consumers.

When the compressed air solution on board is designed separately based on individual specifications and no overall system philosophy is applied, the compressor solutions will inherently contain individual redundancy and safety margins. This approach can give higher investment and operating costs due to excess redundancy, spare capacities and larger maintenance schedules.

A compressor is a relatively simple machine with limited intelligence to optimize its utilization. A smart system approach with the TMC System Controller, however, enables sequencing and optimizing load distributions, prioritization as well as condition monitoring of the system, in effect enhancing your overall operational performance and reducing emissions in the process. Technology developments allows us to redefine the compressor utilization by applying consumption patterns based on relevant pressures and capacities for different applications and consumers, simultaneously on board. 

Instant impact on costs and consumption

A full-scale TMC System Solution® approach facilitates:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved air quality
  • Improved operational performance
  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • Lower carbon intensity

With the system design approach, an optimal compressor combination can be implemented and even downsizing of compressors and air dryers can be done when compared with a classical design approach. Fewer compressors can provide the required capacities and pressures, giving a lower physical footprint where space is often scarce on board the ship.

Automate complex operations for better efficiency

Securing the required uptime can in some installations be critical for maintaining the right levels of safe and secure operations. With real-time monitoring of the assets, it’s possible to detect anomalies in the running patterns, identify root causes and therefore implement mitigating measures.

A scalable data model allows for everything to connect, such as relevant overarching systems, assets, sensor values, events and files. This gives you constant monitoring of key performance indicators such as energy consumption, deviations and alarms. With all relevant data available in one place, you may dynamically and effectively monitor historical and real-time performance as well as analyze, regulate and automate your compressors health and performance.

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