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Glossary | Understanding air compressors at sea

Air compressors are integral to a ship’s basic functionality. They directly affect its maneuverability, cargo integrity, crew safety and much more.
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As a shipowner or technical supervisor, adding to your vocabulary can unlock numerous benefits. It can:
1) ease communication related to compressor systems or
2) improve your decision-making in a newbuild process.
We hope you find this glossary useful, for yourself or as training material for your organization.


You’ll learn terminology related to: 


What’s the difference between a fixed speed and a variable speed compressor? How does humidity impact the cooling-oil?

The glossary gives you a closer look at some of the key considerations to make when choosing an air compressor.

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After treatment

Pressure is only half the story: Downstream equipment demands dry air of high purity. 

The glossary presents several different methods for achieving this.

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Compressor systems

It often makes sense to combine compressor units and/or auxiliary equipment.

Our glossary includes an introduction to a few basic compressor system concepts.

Inside compressor
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