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Quarter of a century in TMC’s Greek service

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For 25 years, Alpha Marine Engineering has been TMC Compressor’s exclusive representative in Greece. 

“TMC and Alpha Marine joined forces in early 1997, so we are this year celebrating a quarter of a century as business partners. If we were married, 2022 could have been our silver anniversary. However, our relationship is much more peaceful than a marriage!” jokes Dimitris Perakis, marketing manager at Alpha Marine.

Back in 1996, Perakis and his colleagues at Alpha Marine first heard about TMC from a producer of piston compressors.

“We looked into TMC and were impressed by the screw compressor unit which would allow designers and operators to reduce both their CO2 footprint and maintenance costs. Back then, TMC’s screw compressors were designed for continuous operation, unlike piston compressors at the time,” adds Dimitris Perakis.

As exclusive representatives of Greece – a country renowned worldwide for its proud maritime history and for being the world’s largest shipowning nation – Alpha Marine is responsible for maintaining relationships with Greek shipowners, ship designers and shipbuilders.

“When we started cooperating with TMC, our primary function was to make TMC known as a screw compressor brand in our territory. Throughout the years our responsibilities have multiplied. Today we support TMC’s day-to-day sales and aftersales operations, and we are in charge of introducing new TMC innovations to Greek customers. Such innovations include compressors for air lubrication systems (ALS) and boil-off gas (BOG) compressors,” adds Dimitris Perakis.

What makes TMC’s compressors particularly relevant for the Greek market?

“Traditionally, local shipowners have had a preference for robust, reliable compressors with minimal maintenance and service requirements. TMC’s compressors are designed for a harsh marine environment. The compressors’ simple maintenance requirements, which can be fixed by the vessel crew, has been a perfect fit for shipowners,” says Vagelis Kanonis, who is head of aftersales at Alpha Marine.

Kanonis adds that the overall perception of TMC in Greece is very positive, and when issues do occur, they are quickly addressed. A 48-hour spare part delivery guarantee to all major ports worldwide helps ensure uninterrupted operation for the screw compressors.

“With an install base of several thousand compressors for service, control and N2 feed air, issues will occur from time to time. It is how we solve these issues together with our clients that adds reliability to TMC as a brand,” says Vagelis Kanonis.

"For 25 years, we have had an excellent relationship with the most professional partners in the Greek marked. The broad experience that Alpha Marine has, makes me feel secure that our business is taken care of in the best possible way. I`m looking forward to many more years", says CEO at TMC, Christian Ness.