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Jiangsu chooses TMC for 15 Seaspan vessels

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18 January 2022 – Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Company Ltd has awarded TMC Compressors (TMC) contracts to supply its most environmentally friendly marine compressed air system to 15 container ships the shipbuilder is constructing for Seaspan Corporation.

Under the contracts, TMC will deliver the marine compressed air system to each of the 15 vessels, including compressors for service/control air and for the SCR/EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system. TMC has not disclosed the value of the contracts.

Energy saving

The compressors for the SCR/EGR system will be frequency-controlled Smart Air compressors, which is the global marine market’s most energy efficient marine compressors. TMC’s Smart Air compressors offer up to 40 percent energy saving compared to conventional compressors, with associated reductions in operating costs and CO2 emissions.

TMC Smart Air

TMC’s Smart Air compressors are based on a frequency-controlled technology that offers precise control of the compressor speed. Simply explained: the speed of the electrical motor will adjust itself according to what is required to produce the exact air volume necessary to meet the actual compressed air consumption at all time. In turn, lower air consumption requires less speed on the compressor and this directly results in less power consumption.

“Conventional compressor technology, which is very much the industry norm, runs on the same speed irrespective of whether the required air volume is big or small. The result is a lot of wasted energy, and costs. Our Smart Air compressors eradicates this energy waste and reduces opex to a minimum. Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding wants to build a green vessel and this is excellent news for suppliers such as TMC that can offer the appropriate technologies,” says Hans Petter Tanum, TMC’s director of sales and business development.

The 15 vessels are all modern 7,000 TEU dual-fuel liquefied natural gas (LNG) containership newbuilds. All vessels will be built at Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding for Seaspan Corporation.

Last year, Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding contracted TMC to deliver the marine compressed air system, including Smart Air compressors, to four 15,000 TEU Neo-Panamax container vessels that the shipbuilder is constructing for Seaspan Corporation. Read more about that here. 

TMC is a global supplier of compressed air systems for marine and offshore use. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.